Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Book Review: The Inheritance

The Inheritance by Louisa May Alcott
Dutton Books, 1997 (first edition; posthumous); 188 pages

I first read The Inheritance in 1997 or 1998, when I was about twelve. I loved it--forbidden love, secret inheritance, unknown heirs, and conniving rivals. If you're a pre-teen girl, what's not to like? Since I'm currently trying to read through my personal library (not every book, just the unread and the unrated, plus anything that catches my eye), I thought I'd reread this one.

It's not a terrible book. You can tell that Alcott had talent, even at 17. However, it's not a great book, either. The plot is so simplistic that I can't provide too much of a summary without revealing everything, and it's very melodramatic. The characters are mostly too good to live and the bad guys aren't really bad.

Assuming you're not a pre-teen girl, an Alcott scholar, or an Alcott completest, you can probably skip this one.

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