About Me

I'm Thalia!

<< This is not me.  I just like the picture. (Well, it's kind of me, if I could look as cute and bookish on the outside as I feel on the inside.)

I'm a librarian and historian living in the Midwest with two cats and myriad books. I'm a Christian, hot tea addict, Anglophile, TV crime drama junkie, and occasional gamer. I love learning about almost anything.

When I'm not reading books, I enjoy poking around the internet, playing open world RPGs, conlanging, re-cataloging my library for the 482nd time, cooking, eating, listening to music, watching movies, and playing with my cats.  I am unabashedly nerdy, particularly on the subjects of mystery novels, TV crime dramas, and the best way to brew hot tea.

I can also be found on: LibraryThing, Pinterest